G’day Maaate

I know, I know….whats taken me so long…this is mostly due to a lack of internet and an overload of beautiful sunshiny days and things to see (well wouldn’t you?).Jemima and Miles met us at Narang Train station, Maisie flew out of the train doors and ran to meet them, it was emotional and wonderful. When we had showered we went to Bumbles for breakfast and sitting there all together made the ridiculous amount of hours it took to get here totally worth it.

We have been in Oz for over week now and we are getting used to the extreme temperature difference and the laid back Ozzie lifestlye. Maisie and I are living with Miles and two other boys, Ben from back home and Chris originally from Zimbabwe. They live in a beautiful apartment nine floors up overlooking the river, there is  garden and pool and Maisie loves just hanging out with the water dragons who often join her for a dip. Its alot of fun living here believe me. When we want some girly times we head up river (just two blocks away) to Jemi’s apartment, again no roughing it there, spetacular views with all mod cons, its clear to see why they are in no desperate need to come home!

Ok..short interlude…Jemi has just finished work and beer is calling…whats a Sheila to do?…Be back soon!


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