Rhubarb and Ginger Conserve

I know what your thinking, will this mad bohemian woman stop writing about rhubarb. Well, there is a reason to my madness and it’s very simple. I am trying to make a major effort in trying to appreciate and cook what is in season. This is for two main reasons, firstly  food tends to be fresher and therefore healthier and secondly I want to get back to being thrilled by each seasons offerings. So excuse me if I have gone a little overboard with my love of rhubarb, but I think whether you enjoy eating a fruit/vegetable, very much depends on how its been cooked, I’m trying to give you the very best chance to fall in love with rhubarb this year!

This recipe was very kindly given to me by a lovely lady called Lucy who I met on a retreat a few weeks ago in Scotland. We shared a room and yes, you’ve guessed It, I was droning on about rhubarb and I think she decided to shut me up by offering me her mums lovely recipe. I am grateful Lucy, its delicious, Thank-you x

So please give it a try before rhubarb disappears for another year.

What  you will need

2 ½ lb skinned and chopped rhubarb

2 ½ lb granulated sugar

1 inch fresh ginger peeled and bruised but left in a lump and tied up in a muslin bag

2 lemons

4oz chopped stem ginger

 How to make your conserve

1.       Previous night layer sugar, rhubarb and juice of the lemons in a shallow dish and leave overnight

2.       Place rhubarb mix in jam pan with bruised ginger in muslin bag

3.       Boil briskly for 15 mins

4.       Add stem ginger and boil for 5 mins until set (by eye or jam thermometer)

5.       Remove ginger bag and pot up in clean sterilised jars.

6.       Eat generously on toast on top of yogurt or whatever takes your fancy!

5 thoughts on “Rhubarb and Ginger Conserve

  1. Having tried the rhubarb muffins (Rob even asked me to make some for work and they disappeared rather quickly – lots of smiles!) I shall now have to try this – thank goodness it’s a great year for rhubarb – long live rhubarb! :o)

  2. Nothing beats a reminder of home than west country recipes. If we still lived next door in Albaston I’d be popping in for tea ! Love your recipes – still miss the annual hedgerow trawl for natural goodies after 8 years in Oz

    • Hi Nicky,
      Wow so lovely to hear from you! I didn’t realise you were still in Oz. My two eldest children are out there in Queensland, one of them looking for permanent residency. I am so happy to hear you like the recipes and it reminds you of home. Keep in touch x
      P.s would love to know how you found my blog?

  3. Hi, I was amazed to find a crop of Rhubarb in my pot when I opened the shed yesterday. I live in Spain and last year I had to move the parasol twice a day,in the heat of the Summer, to protect what was growing-not too much as it was the first year, but I was determined to try and keep it growing!!. I brought a crown back from a friend,during a visit to the UK,as you can’t buy it her and I LOVE it. When I cut it yesterday, I thought that I would make something to make the rhubarb ‘last’ longer and that’s why I thought of Rhubarb and Ginger conserve.Your recipe sounds wonderful and I will make it later today. I am so happy I found your blog and will look at it often now as there is someone out there, who loves Rhubarb as much as me!!!!! Thanks for this blog!!!

  4. Hi Fiona, I finally made it to the site and my mum’s recipe. So glad it’s been shared as it’s one of my favourites. Hoping to catch up with you and ‘the field’ soon xxx

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