Beer Butt Chook – American Boy Style

This was first cooked for me last summer by Stephen Spaeder from Philadelphia, he’s a boy that likes beer with everything!  I was excited to try and cook it out here in Australia, but unfortunately we only have gas BBQs and this needs real coals to get the best flavour. I love slow cooking on BBQs, it gives you the opportunity to just sit back and enjoy the sun and let the BBQ do all the work…give it a go you wont be disappointed.

So I found my original beer can chicken recipe I used…

3-4 lb whole chicken
24 oz coca-cola
3/4 tsp salt
Fresh cracked pepper
1 can of beer

Place chicken in ziplock bag, pour in coke and let sit in fridge overnight (or at least 2 hrs)

Preheat grill. Use indirect heat, placing coals to one side (or you can spread them around the outside like we did, that’s how I usually do it). Remove chicken from liquid, dry it and rub with salt and pepper.

Open beer (ENSURE YOU DRINK HALF!!!) then mount the chicken on the can ensuring firmly lodged and chicken stands up on its own. Place it in the cool side of the grill, close lid and cook until internal temp of 165 F, about 1 – 1 1/2 hours. You can use a BBQ sauce to baste  during last 15-20 minutes of cooking if you would like some extra flavour on the skin.

Remove chicken let sit for 15 min then carve

That’s the original recipe I used and it was delicious but with time constraints and having half a load on already I usually skip the whole coke portion haha. Don’t judge me! Still tastes delicious… recipe written by Stephen Spaeder


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