Delicious travels with Bohemian Mama…

Here it is….. delicious travels with Bohemian Mama

So I am packing my case for the beginning of my travels….. and in goes silicone squishy  cake cases, numerous bars of cooking chocolate and stacks of my favourite recipes.  I’m travelling with Maisie, my 12 year old daughter, to Australia to see Jemima and Miles (my two older children), who are currently living on the Gold Coast. Emotions are running high – my first thoughts turn to the opportunity of being able to cook for them again and share that amazing feeling of love, connection and togetherness that you get from special times with your family and friends.

This is something that I have missed so much and that really is the reason for me starting this blog, because although I have always had a deep passion for food I didn’t really realise just how deep that was until my family started to spread their wings. This is the point when I realised just how much love I had been putting into the food that I cooked for them over the years – and it wasn’t even in the recipe!

Food that is made with love has the power to connect and deepen the ties that bind family and friends together.  In the weeks to come you can share with us the fun, food and family fiascos!

3 thoughts on “Delicious travels with Bohemian Mama…

  1. How exciting is that!! Have a wonderful time!! I have added an anti spam system so after a few days you should only get real comments like what this is!! R

  2. What a truly lovely sentiment Fiona and it certainly strikes a chord with me too! Looking forward to getting some new ideas from your blogg and being deeply jealous while vicariously joining you on your trip……. take care, have fun, stay safe and stay full! xx

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